Before there was

Red Komodo Golf

Before the thought of Red Komodo Golf or even a leather golf accessory company was thought of we were a custom clothing decorating company and with COVID were made to pivot the company. We started out by reverse engineering covers by taking them apart to figure out how they went together. After a few tough months of struggling as we did not know much about sewing, we inlisted the help of a professional seamtress. That didn't end well!!!

Trust The Process

Nailed It!

After the disaster of the seamstress helping us than parting ways, we found a good friend in the automotive and motorcycle industry and from there helped shape our sewing and templates into the direction we needed to go. In order to provide the best quality we sourced the best leather from various locations across North America.

We continued to hone our craft and added multiple options for various clubs.

By the middle of 2021 we were full on production of custom and bulk orders for covers forcing us to upgrade and expand right away.

All aboard!!

Full Steam Ahead

With a great end to 2021 we needed to look forward to 2022 and growing the company. We made strategic partnerships and deals with many companies and brands out there to help get our name out there.

From the CJGA (Canadian Junior Golf Association) and Taylormade to even having a Team Red Komodo sponsorship program for Professional golfers as well as up and coming golfers.

We look forward to what the future has in store for Red Komodo Golf.