How it works:

  1. Idea: what are you looking for (driver, fairway, hybrid, blade, mallet, alignment stick cover, etc.)? Include colors, accents, or any personal touch you would like to see on the cover.
  2. Design: Our amazing design team will create a mockup based on your request. You will have the opportunity to make changes to the design once you see it all laid out.
  3. Payment: Upon design approval, pricing will depend on the custom work required , and once you agree to the price, your invoice is sent out. Once paid, the approved design is sent into production.
  4. Production/Delivery: It takes sometimes 2-4 weeks once approved and paid for (depending on in house orders and time of year).  Once we ship it out, you will receive an email with tracking information.  Orders usually take 2-4 weeks for delivery within North America, but that may change depending on production schedules.